General Terms and Conditions of Trade (GTCT)

1. General

This general terms and conditions of trade (GTCT) are valid in its condition of the moment of ordering for all deliveries. By placing an order you agree  with this general terms and delivery of trade each time. Differing, adverse or supplementary conditions of trade are not object of the contract unless it has been agreed assertively. The formularesque advice to conditions of trade of a customer is contradicted.

2. Access to the content of contract

You can have access to the general terms and conditions of trade at any time on our shop’s website You may save and/or print this document. Your concrete order data are saved at our place and are callable with us. Furthermore you will receive an order confirmation by email after each order. This email contains all important data again. You may also save and/or print it.

3. Language

Contracts can exclusively concluded in the languages German or English.
4. Conclusion of contract

A legally binding contract occures as recently as we are accepting your order by shipping the goods respectively by a shipping confirmation within 10 business days after receipt of payment. The electronic confirmation about the receipt of order does not represent an acceptance of contract but it just serves as an information about the real receipt of order.

5. Products

All products had been already used if there is not mentioned anything else. Mostly a product is deliverable only one time.

6. Descriptions

The description of each product effects to the best of our knowledge. Identifiable deficiencies and reparations are pointed out. In cases of doubt, reproductions are to see as examples. In every case the product’s text and price is the subject matter of contract. At used products we do not assume liability that all original components are contained or have not been repaired.

7. Availability

Most products are individual items and are mostly deliverable only one time. In very seldom cases an overlapping of orders could occure for technical reasons. That is why an incorrect value concerning the availability on the online shop could be displayed. If this case will occure, we will get in touch with you immediately by your contact data. For the above-mentioned reasons we do not assume responsibility for the availability of the items which are provided on the online shop. If we should not be able to deliver ordered and already payed goods you will of course receive back the transfered amount.

8. Prices

For the delivery the prices which applied at the time of ordering are valid. Our prices are to be understood as final prices in Euro plus shipping costs and packaging costs. All prices are according to § 25a UStG subject to the differential taxation. Normally, the contributing turnover tax is not assignable.

8.1 Prices in other currencies

The stated rates of exchange are average values from international exchange markets (interbank-rates). These rates can not be updated permanently. They are not to be understood as binding rates for an exchange. In practice, the prices could differ appreciably from these rates – depending on country, financial institution or exchange office as well as payment method.
For this reasons we do not assume warranty for the correctness and topicality of the used exchange rates. At an order only the accounted price is valid in the respective currency. Specifically-made corrections respectively changes of the exchange rates are invalid as far as it has not been agreed assertively in writing.

9. Methods of payment

We accept the following methods of payment:

· Paypal
· Payment in cash at collection
· Payment in advance by bar money
· Payment in advance by bank transfer
· Payment by installments *1

Please settle the whole invoice amount within seven days as we maybe could not process your order anymore. If there has been no receipt of payment within two weeks after receipt of order, we reserve the right to dispose of the goods otherwisely. Oral and written confirmations about an effected payment are invalid without a confirmation by the respective financial institution. The receipt of payment on our bank account is valid exclusively. Please consider that an invoice in file format which effects without electronical signature by us does not contain all fiscal preconditions (for example § 14 Abs. 3 UStG).

*1 On several high-grade products we are prepared to grant a payment by installments abritary. A general demand on payment by installments does not consist. In each case it has to be requestet in writing or by phone before you buy a product. On a commitment by us the payment by installments has to be agreed in writing with special conditions.

10. Delivery and shipping costs

The delivery and shipping costs are stated separately on our website under the respective link.

11. Handing over and delivery times

Indications about the delivery time are not binding as far as there has not been agreed something else in writing. The handing over to the delegated shipping company normally effects on the day of receipt of payment. The delivery lasts about 1-3 working days within Germany. At international shippings the delivery time could last up to several weeks. At stoppages - especially at strike, lock-out or due to vis major the deliver time could retard. The customer is informed immediatelly about the beginning and ending of such occasions.

12. Return

We make use of the legal possibility and grant a right to return for distance marketing orders instead of the legal right to return to natural persons who complete an act under the law for a purpose which cannot be attributed neither to his commercial nor to his self-employed work. As it is stipulated by law we only refund the constant postal charges as it is stated on our website’s seperate link. The customer bears the costs for special, advanced charges, caused by freight forward shippings or by special shipping methods (courier shippings for example). Please send the goods insured and franco domicile in your own interest. Arising postal charges for the return consignment are refunded together with the invoice amount after receipt of conignment. The bank transfer effects to the bank account stated by you on the covering letter in the consignment. If you would like to make us of your right to return please get in touch with us by mail so we can declare the process of your return consignment. Of course this is no condition for processing your rights. Please have understanding that we will deliver no customers furthermore if they used their right to return abusingly. Please note the „return instructions“ stated in article 13. There are stated the preconditions and the consequences of the granted right.

13. Right to return

For consumers, the following right to return is valid:

13.1 Return instructions

You are allowed to send back the received goods within one month. You need not to indicate any reasons for it. The peeriod  begins by receipt of goods and reading this instructions at the earliest. At not package-suitable goods, for example bulky products you may arrange a requirement to return in writing for example by a letter or email or fax. To maintain the deadline the return consignment at an expense and danger of us is enough. Return consignments have to be sent to the following adress:

family Fichtner
Am Fuchsloch 2
08525 Plauen


Telefax: +49 3741 550356

13.2 Consequences of return

In case of an effective return the received services have to be granted back to each other. Contingently, turned advantages (for example exercise advantages) have to be surrendered. At a debasement of the goods, compensation may be demanded. This is not valid if the debasement is exclusively due to its check like it could be possible in the shop. Apart from that you can avert from the compensation obligation by not using it like an owner and by not doing anything that the worth of the goods could shorten.

14. Warranty

As a specialist for toy rarities we mainly trade with used goods in order to that signs of use are to expect always and do not authorise to warranty claims. We defer to our product descriptions and our product pictures. Of course you as a consumer have the right in the distance marketing (Aricle 11 and 12) and may send the goods back without stating any reasons. Each product is tested on its functionality before shipping. The legal warranty claims are valid. The statute of limitation amounts one year beginning at the delivery. Queries, suggestions, criticism and complaints are accepted and welcome. We will give you specific replies to each product with pleasure. Please send us an email to or use the contact form on our website.

15. Reservation of proprietary rights

Until the invoice amount has not been settled completely we are the owners of the purchased goods.
16. Data protection

The data protection is rated very highly with us. Wir halten uns bei der Erhebung, At processing and usage we adhere to the law’s provisions according to the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG)very accurately. Generally you may visit our website as a guest without leaving your personal data. If you would like to see the product’s prices and/or order a product you have to create a customer account in our online shop. This process normaly effects only one time. All data are sent to us encoded. We only use the contained data excusively for generating your personal account and to execute the order which has been placed by you. Therefore want to enable an incomplex and fluently purchase on to you. At your next visit and/or purchase you can logon with your already created data by entering your emal adress and your personal password. To process and ship your order(s) we further your necessary adress data to the always delegated delivery service.

17. Ineffectualness of provisions

At ineffectualness of individual provisions of the delivery contract ort his general terms and conditions of trade the remaining provisions exist further on.

18. Contractual partner:

family Fichtner
Am Fuchsloch 2

08525 Plauen

Ust-ID.Nr.: DE141255881

This general terms and conditions of trade is a translation of the German “Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen” and is not to be seen as a capable text. It only serves as an assistance for people who cannot understand German. So, in cases of doubt the official German version is valid only.