Frankfurt kitchen

Antik Toy Store

  • well company Bestellmaier (publisher) Nuremberg
  • into this scale the fine and dainty at all what was feasible
  • a remarkable fine model work, everything in the highest quality and execution
  • 2 poultry stables in a kitchen (for ducks & geese)
  • everything what had to have a well homely cooking around 1850-1860 can be met here
  • stretch over 400 accessories
  • the case full come out with consists from pine wood as well as all fittings, shelves & the smoke catch
  • this wood was not cut but sharpened to achieve the lowest strength
  • it is into typical hand-painted biedermeier pastel crayon and have painted floors
  • numerous high-quality and rare accessories, such as lemon squeezer made of wood, embers pan made of copper, oellamp, rare egg-timer, eating carrier
  • alone the smallest details the bread crooked pleasurably nibble this one, were not forgottenl like the 2 mice under the table
  • they are carved made of ivory and very fine
  • here, all parts are worked bay hand, any not industrial mass production
  • the tin & plumber masters were little artists
  • despite the many parts in the kitchen she seems very proper & blithe, clear & relevant