Right of rescission

We make use of the legal possibility and grant a right to return for distance marketing orders instead of the legal right to return to natural persons who complete an act under the law for a purpose which cannot be attributed neither to his commercial nor to his self-employed work. As it is stipulated by law we only refund the constant postal charges as it is stated on our website’s seperate link. The customer bears the costs for special, advanced charges, caused by freight forward shippings or by special shipping methods (courier shippings for example). Please send the goods insured and franco domicile in your own interest. Arising postal charges for the return consignment are refunded together with the invoice amount after receipt of conignment. The bank transfer effects to the bank account stated by you on the covering letter in the consignment. If you would like to make us of your right to return please get in touch with us by mail info@antiktoystore.de so we can declare the process of your return consignment. Of course this is no condition for processing your rights. Please have understanding that we will deliver no customers furthermore if they used their right to return abusingly. Please note the „return instructions“ stated in article 13. There are stated the preconditions and the consequences of the granted right.

Right of rescission

For consumers, the following right to return is valid:

You are allowed to send back the received goods within one month. You need not to indicate any reasons for it. The peeriod begins by receipt of goods and reading this instructions at the earliest. At not package-suitable goods, for example bulky products you may arrange a requirement to return in writing for example by a letter or email or fax. To maintain the deadline the return consignment at an expense and danger of us is enough. Return consignments have to be sent to the following adress:

Gerd Fichtner
Am Fuchsloch 2
08525 Plauen

Phone: +49 3741 550355
Fax: +49 3741 550356
Email: info@antiktoystore.de

Consequences of rescission

In case of an effective return the received services have to be granted back to each other. Contingently, turned advantages (for example exercise advantages) have to be surrendered. At a debasement of the goods, compensation may be demanded. This is not valid if the debasement is exclusively due to its check like it could be possible in the shop. Apart from that you can avert from the compensation obligation by not using it like an owner and by not doing anything that the worth of the goods could shorten.